Category Topics

Farming & Production

Farming is essential in Minecraft in order to maintain food to be able to explore the world and acquire new materials. In this category you can learn how to fully automate a lot of these processes.

Transport & Elevators

Contains all transport-related Redstone mechanisms, lots of different elevators, conveyors, item elevators, and Minecart related mechanisms.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering in Minecraft – one of my favorite ways to make use of Redstone. In this category you can learn more about logic gates and propositional logic.

Doors & Portals

This category contains all kinds of interesting ways to build doors in Minecraft. Manual doors, hidden doors, automatic doors, trap doors, castle gates, bridges, double doors, hallways.

Games & Fun

Tis category is all about fun & some “useless” Redstone mechanisms. They might not be productive in any way, but they are fun experiments so you gonna learn something new about Redstone.

Basic Mechanisms

Basic mechanisms contain essential basic Redstone concepts which are useful in larger builds, such as relays, costing machines, capacitors, random generator.

House Components

This category includes small and sometimes funny mechanisms to enhance your house with Redstone. From the sky-water drop to showers, toilets, fridge, or a simple table made from pistons.


This category includes many traps with different characteristics: Of course, there’s a lot of TNT and lava, but you‘ll also learn smart ways to hide your traps and Redstone mechanisms. And, of course my favorite trap: The Door-Water-Trap.

Adventure Maps

Are you up for an adventure? If you’re looking for some fun ways to challenge your friends or you‘re building an adventure map for your Minecraft Server – in this category you‘ll find some valuable tips.

Defense & Cannons

This category is all about defending yourself against your enemies. Some cool TNT, anvil, and arrow cannons are being shown here.


This category is for more advanced logic gate combinations, e.g. binary calculators. You can also learn more about displaying digit in digital displays using Redstone lamps.

Signal Techniques

This category is meant for all kinds of ways to create and manipulate signals, e.g. BUD Switches, Flip Flops, Redstone Clocks, and Redstone Signal Communications.